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overnight with grave injuries after running into a crowd of demonstrators in cairo. they have been released from the hospital. but the bravery of some of the reporters is amazing. just to show us what is really happening. thank you. thank you to all of them. our best. from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: it's getting nastier and more dangerous in egypt and things could come to a head soon. white house points fingers at leaders in egypt for the violence. head of the federal reserve has tepid assessment of a struggles u.s. economy. live from the studio in washington this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. what had been a largely peaceful week-long protest many egypt has for a second day descended to violence, looting and arson. as the pushing and shewing
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descends on the street, they're pushing back against international pressure for change at the top. correspondent leland vittert begins coverage live from cairo where it's 1:00 a.m good morning. >> good morning. it appears as if the crisis may be coming to a head. president mube said in an interview with abc news he would like to resign but he won't because it would throw his country to "chaos." today for the second day in a row, we saw brutal acts of violence on the streets of cairo. they took a short break when the egyptian military moved to the square. by midafternoon, attack began anew. demonstrators accused mubarak of hiring thugs to take to the street. >> people like that, i took the chance. >> they charged the prime minister of the authoritarian regime promise to investigate. >> i have apologized in all
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the media. all television stations which i spoke to you today. apologize adds man aware of his responsibility it didn't know about the manner. none of us did it could not have imagined this would happen. >> the prime minister apology did not stop the violence. media reports say the thugs were paid a few dollars by the regime to take on the protesters who say they will only leave the square when president mubarak leaves office. president's speech promises to end the 30-year reign in september wasn't enough. mubarak's vice president took to airlines and responded to those saying mubarak must go. >> we won't allow anyone to intervene in our internal affairs. >> the military began rounding up foreign journalists for their own safety and some networks said there were security men trying to take them off the air, maybe trying to limit coverage of the protest called after friday
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prayers. >> from the u.s. embassy. looking for american citizens. >> they want to depart as soon as possible. when the state department told all americans to get out. >> my fault doesn't leave until 7:30 tomorrow. so i'm here early and literally, 20 hours early. >> the government blames the muslim brotherhood for fueling the protest. but they like other groups, lack of consensus candidate that could take over if president mubarak leaves. for now, the violence continues. >> bret: leland vittert, live in cairo. be safe. as you heard in his report, we don't know how many journalists have been under siege yesterday and today but we know that two -- of our own. greg palkot and photographer was forced to leave when molotov cocktail was thrown at them
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they were forced to flee and ran in the pro-mubarak crowd and were severely beaten. they were held at a hospital for many hours until the white house and the u.s. state department intervened. the extent of their injuries was fairly grave. however, they have been released from the hospital they're in good condition now. and they are in safe hands. president obama today asked for an assist from almighty in the egypt situation. white house correspondent wendell goler reports the administration has much more earthly explanation for the chaos. >> at the national prayer breakfast, president obama's thoughts were with the people of egypt. >> we pray the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspiration of the egyptian people will be realized. that a better day will dawn over egypt. >> the administration officials said egypt's government appears responsible for violence against protesters and journalists. whether or not the orders came from mubarak himself.
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>> this is a violation that guarantees freedom of the press. unsemblable under any circumstances. >> secretary clinton spokeman called wednesday a bad day for egypt. they question the military limiting violence separating the pro and anti-mubarak demonstrators. >> broadly speaking, military played important and constructive role in being stabilizing force on the ground. >> many specialist -- military specialist alderman disagrees. >> they work the anger out. they got tired. stood by, as the pro-mubarak forces move in. >> president obama has spoken with mubarak once since it started, the they have had
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half a dozen talks. alderman says the egyptian officials may -- prevent -- [ inaudible ] >> they act like an honest broker but is putting it back in the court of the government. >> capitol hill, intelligence officials, say they raised red flags about egypt last year. >> we have warned o ofinstability. we didn't know what the triggering mechanism would be. >> this is a transformational moment. someone in one meeting this week said we are moving in the unknown. >> vice president bite bite spoke with egypt vice president sueiman. and he stressed the egyptian government is responsible for making sure that the demonstrations don't lead to violence. >> bret: wendell goler live from the north lawn
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in the prayer breakfast, president obama said he is sustained by the christian beliefs and he touched on the fact that his faith and first lady's faith have been subject of skepticism. >> my can faith has been a sustaining force for me over the last few years. all the more so when michelle and i hear our faith questioned. from time to time. we are reminded what ultimately matters is not what other people say about us, but whether we are being true to our conscience and true to our god. >> bret: a pew research survey last summer showed 34% of the participants believe the president is a christian. 18% thinks he is a muslim. we talk about the speech at a prayer breakfast. tonight. in economic headlines, u.s. service sector grew in january at the fastest pace in
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five years. january retail sales were surprisingly strong. factory orders were up in december as well. interest rate for mortgages rose to 4.81%. the federal government monthly jobs report comes out friday. there was some positive employment news today. >> bernardini described economy beginning to regain footing but not creating enough jobs. >> it appears to strengthen but growth is not fast enough. >> he noted the job number are
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declining. more than 15,000 people lost their jobs. there were gains in 2010 but it wasn't enough to absorb new graduates. >> it will be several years before the unemployment rate returns to a normal level. >> but bernanke did note encouraging signs of life. >> self-sustaining recovery, business spending may take hold. we learned households decreased spending at rate of 4%. >> consumers are spending more on everything. businesses are spending, too though housing remains a significant drag, he said what the federal reserve pumping money in the economy,
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consumers are more confident and banks willing to lend. he expects stronger growth in 2011. bernanke commented on one of the hottest issues in washington. deficit spending and effort to reduce it. without embracing plan for spending reduction he made clear the key question is whether the politicians have the backbone to confront the problem. >> it can be done. >> it's what we have the political backbone to do it. >> he said federal spending on unsustainable path in good times and only gets worse if congress doesn't act. there is only so far to kick the can down the road. the sooner we address it, the less painful it will be. >> bret: we get called a lot of things at fox news, but new
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claim may be the first. that's in the grapevine. up next, should the supreme court take on the healthcare law now? ♪ you don't know [ male announcer ] you know her. ♪ hey, what you do to me [ male announcer ] we know diamonds. and with an extra 10% off storewide now through sunday, together we'll find the perfect gift. that's why only zales the diamond store. with beauty... ♪ ...and brains. now get a samsung focus™ for only $99.99.
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>> bret: virginia's attorney general trying to get around mountain of government red tape and send his challenge of president obama's healthcare law to the top. chief political correspondent carl cameron maps out the plan and the opposition. >> we can't waste more time on symbolic. >> they petitioned the u.s. supreme court for expedited consideration of his state's constitutional challenge to the obama healthcare law. >> this is an extraordinary remedy but a case that fids their qualifications it's within their discretion
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whether they skip the appellate court. >> after showing the case is of imperative importance to devate from normal appellate practice. so far, 28 states filed federal lawsuits and two district courts ruled it unconstitutional and and two ruled it constitutional. last month, the obama justice department filed a joint motion for expedited consideration of the virginia case. fourth circuit court of appeals, "the constitutionality of the affordable care act has public policy implication of the highest magnitude." but the administration shown little interest to skip the appellate level to go to the supreme court. the constitutional challenges have time to go through the thorough legal process. a prompt resolution is in
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everyone's interest. >>it's royaling the country and making it difficult to plan from a budget stand point. we have want to eliminate the uncertainty associated with healthcare. >> lawmakers want an answer, too florida democrat bill nelson is pushing the senate to pass resolution urging the supreme court to take up the case right away. >> the passage might prevent people arguing back and forth over the law for several years. everybody in the country that would be effected would have an answer and they deserve an answer. >> if the case is not accelerated it would be through appeals and to the supreme court next year with a decision expected in september or october. small in the middle of the time week of the 2012 presidential campaign in washington, carl cameron, fox news. >> bret: house budget committee chairman paul ryan unveiled the first group of spending cuts for the finalsen months of the fiscal year. his plan slashes 20% from the president obama proposal.
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this comes up short by $30 billion the republicans explain since the fiscal year is nearly half over, ryan's plan delivers a pro-rated equivalent of the $100 billion promise. democrats say the cuts could lead to widespread furloughs of federal employee and reduction in aid of education and safety. president obama promoted the clean energy agenda in a visit to penn state. calling on congress to give tax credits to those retrofitting their building to save energy. >> we could save businesses $40 billion a year in utility bills. think about that. $40 billion. money to be spent growing the businesses and hiring workers. gleason said -- a federal judge in new orleans
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is holding the justice department in civil contempt for disregarding his earlier ruling striking down the president's moratorium on deep water drilling. that suspension was issued in the aftermath of the gulf oil spill the administration issued a second moratorium after the judge's initial action. a year-and-a-half ago, community group acorn was the subject of undercover video sting campaign to help bring it down. now planned parenthood is facing the same sort of attack. correspondent shannon bream has the pictures. >> for the second time in four days the website liveaction .org released undercover video shot at planned parenthood clinic where actors posing as a pimp and prostitute seek birth control and abortion advice after revealing they are running a sex work operation with young teens that may not be in the country illegally. >> some of the girls are 14, 15. some of them are out of state,
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out of the country. they don't know about the facility or how to get help. i don't even know how to do it. >> rather than turn the actor aceway, worker at the clinic explained how to circumvent the law requiring notice of a guardian if a girl under 18 seeks abortion. >> if someone else doesn't want someone to know. >> earlier in week, a similar clinic from new jersey was released. planned parenthood fired the new jersey employee involved and said that they are using the undercover video to spread lies about the organization. in reaction to the latest video, planned parenthood said after the encounter the staff member notified her supervisor, who subsequently notified members of planned parenthood national security team who are working with the f.b.i. who is investigating the visits the woman behind the video is 22-year-old liela rose who says there are many more videos to come welcomes the scrutiny. >> the evidence when it comes out and seeks the truth of the coverup that is widespread and
6:20 pm
institutional for planned parenthood we young women need to understand this organization is not on their side. >> the videos come as republican congressman mike pence introduced a bill designed to strip planned parenthood of federal funding. today, the organization accused live action of coordinating the undercover video to support the pence legislation in washington, shannon breem, fox news. >> bret: still ahead, john roberts on possibly why the middle east is on fire right now. a harsh report about who dropped the ball before the fort hood massacre. [ female announcer ] enjoy a complete seafood dinner for two
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>> bret: a senate report on the 2009 fort hood shotting comes down hard on the f.b.i.
6:24 pm
and the pentagon. national correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> thank you. they say instead of disciplining hasan, the army rewarded him. >> this is an individual who is open about what he has radicalized and says outrageous statements in front of an entire class of military officers and he's promoted. it's astonishing and troubling. >> prior to the shooting on november 5, 2009, the senate report concludes that the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force failed to tell the military major hasan exchanged 18 e-mails with the american cleric anwar al-awlaki. who is described by the u.s. officials as operational planner who sanctioned the attack. al-awlaki is linked to every major attack or attempted attack on the u.s. in the last
6:25 pm
12 months. the f.b.i. in washington, d.c. spent four hours deciding the contact between major hasan and cleric were a threat to u.s. international security. both senators today seem appalled no one had been held responsible. >> i don't believe that they have been terminated because of the failure in the report that is something i want to hear about from the department and f.b.i. and others sending the report to. >> the f.b.i. thanked to question adding we'll review the report recommendation and adopt them as appropriate. the defense attorney told fox there is information withheld by the army and administration, as we mount a defense in what will probably be a death penalty case. there is a clear disconnect in the report. the staffers tell fox the f.b.i. insisted al-awlaki be described in a section of the
6:26 pm
report as suspected terrorist. the committee says the extent of actions required by the intelligence community was "unjustified." bret? >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: a retired army general turn police chief in the border city of loredo was shot to death with two body guards latest in the plague of drug-related violence that may be headed north. steve centanni has the story from el paso, texas d -- catherine herridge has the story from el paso, texas. >> there are fears that the mexican drug cartel violence has begun to spill across the border. south texas came together this week to bury a legendary missionary, nancy davis, victim of drug cartel violence in mexico. police suspect they were after the davis' truck. sam davis was with his wife when she was murdered. >> we agreed we would not be
6:27 pm
taken alive. if we come to a roadblock we will run it at whatever the cost. if they shoot us, so be it. they shoot us. i was doing 120 miles per hour by the time i hit the truck, camouflage and assault rifle open fire on us. one of the bullets came through the back window and struck my wife in the head. i grabbed the steering wheel and got ready for the bullets to hit me in the side. they turned around and opened fire with automatic rifles. it was terrible. i just laid as low as i could, where i could barely see over the dash. thank god that two things i know she is with him. the instant she was struck in the head she was unconscious and never serveed one second. >> they built churches for 38 years but because of the drug violence, sam davis says the situation today is impossible. the mexican bliss are in charge of the investigation.
6:28 pm
when it comes to violent crimes in mexico, those who commit the crimes are convicted less than 2% of the time. in el paso, texas. >> bret: the story about the deepwater drilling, the judge is holding the interior department, not the justice department in contempt. the wikileaks website up for one of the top honors in the world. details in the grapevine. did fox news break up a hollywood marriage?
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the website wikileaks is in the running for a nobel peace prize. norwegian lawmaker nominated the antisecrecy site saying it promotes world peace and calling it one of the most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparency in the 21st century. the obama administration condemned the website and its founder julian assange saying the leaks harm u.s. interests overseas. "weekly standard" writes the founder of wikileaks would join the company of palestinian terrorist in chief yasser arafat if he were to be awarded the prize singer jennifer lopez and husband marc anthony are expected to attend the bowles party at the white house they're minority owner of the
6:33 pm
dolphins and that team is not in the big game. various media outlets reported late last year that anthony was dealing with two liens on his long island home totaling $3 million for nonpayment of state and federal taxes, raising eyebrows in washington in light of the bowles viewing invite. reached today, anthony p.r. rep tells fox the singer has taken care of his tax responsibilities. >> bret: fox news has been blamed for a lot of things but this probably takes the cake. the star of the reality series discussed end of her 13-year marriage with actor husband kelsey grammar and cited lack of intimacy and cuddling saying he was too business watching fox news. he didn't want to cuddle. >> the clashes intensified
6:34 pm
today between pro-mubarak and antigovernment forces in egypt. president mubarak told an interviewer he would like to resign now but it would lead to chaos. egypt isn't the only country in that part of the world dealing with embolden and frustrated populist. senior national correspondent john roberts reports on a new kind of domino theory. >> a familiar chant. "down with the regime." protesters were protesting the 32-year long rule. all the defiance, but none of the bloodshed of the nearby egypt. opposition and progovernment marchers never met on the street. >> other than placating that position, this has emboldened people. they see how much the government has given and they are eager for more. >> yemen is not the only place
6:35 pm
that people are eager for more. jordan faces a day of rage tomorrow and syria saturday. in algeria, they plan to lift 17-year state of emergency in an attempt to keep the protesters off the streets. >> we have two things at play. economic grievances and social grieve vances, blocked opportunity. the second is great deal of unrest and discontent how the governments are run. >> tunisia where the angry protesters depose #ed dictator for inspiration for the historical moment. it may be egypt who spreads the tone for the ultimate outcome. the next days and weeks will prove if true democracy was viable or the arab world will be swept by the dark forces of extremism.
6:36 pm
>> if the democrats succeed, democracy will rip through the region. however, if this uprising fails, what we will see if whatever action emerges from egypt, that will rip through the entire region. >> if yemen turned hostile toward is west, that would be bad this is the home of al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula. and home of al-awlaki. president obama telephoned president saleh urging him to take action on the pledge and in the critical time keep up the fight against al-qaeda. >> john roberts live in london. thank you. >> we will talk about the role in egypt and the role the military is playing and the role military is playing with the egypt military. with the fox all-stars after the break. new windows phone with an irresistible full key... oh, too much? now get an lg quantum™ for only $99.99.
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i have apollized in all the media television stations i spoke to today and apologized as man aware of his responsibility. i didn't know about the manner. none of us did. i could not imagine this would happen. >> we will not allow anyone to intervene in our internal affairs. >> bret: moments ago that the vice president called saliq to make sure that the government is responsible for peaceful demonstration and not leading to violence, intimidation and allowing journalist to do the work on the ground. earlier the president of egypt spoke to mubarak and said this -- if i resign today, there will be chaos. standing firm at this point. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." nia malika henderson and charles krauthammer.
6:41 pm
steve, thoughts on the day? the president spoke twice after each speech. they are continuing the communication. biden reaching out, any thoughts on how the day has evolved? >> i would say that the comments from the administration have been stronger today condemning violence but still condemning the detached violence. as if the government isn't coordinated or behind the violence in some way they haven't said it as directly as i prefer. but what you hear from the egyptian regime is laughable. we didn't know that there was violence in our own streets. please. it was on every single network all the time. they are pretending not to know it because it's clear they were behind it and coordinated.
6:42 pm
when president obama put himself behind the protesters but i think he has to come out again and condemn violence. as the u.s. has that the regime was behind it and coordinated it, we have to speak out about it. there is a misconception who the protesters are. a growing sense in this country that mubarak has a white hat on here and protesters are largely dominated by the muslim brotherhood, faction or islamist that is not the case. there is no question that there are muslim efforts involved in the protest but to suggest islamists on one side and mubarak other the other misrepresent what is is going on. >> you can't take a tally of people on the street. you say from the signs they hold up -- >> from all news outlets
6:43 pm
across the spectrum, national news agency are reporting that this started as a speck thar series of protests. people in favor of freedom and democracy. not brotherhood. they were aware it's going on. >> bret: they are concerned about the vacuum. >> totally legitimate concern. >> bret: they credit egyptian military for stabilizeing the situation. some experts say the egyptian military is standing by. as some of their own people, setting up a violence. >> open question for now as to where the egyptian military will come down when they first took to the street they were greeted on the side of the people of liberators. stabilizing force in egypt.
6:44 pm
whether the aid will continue. bob ley come out and said it should be removed if mube stays in office. hard to imagine why it make sense given they have been a stabilizing force in europe, egypt and the wider mideast. >> bret: the pentagon continues conversations, charles, every day. secretary gate and joint chief mullen with the egyptian counterparts. close relationship between the two militaries. how much does it factor in to what is happening now? >> extremely critical, that the closest contact. our military with theirs. the military has neutrality. the demonstrators say by not defending them, it has taken the side of the government.
6:45 pm
so long as it doesn't join attack on demonstrators and split, key to transition and the future. the only institution with unver a respect, prestige and support and the most stable and pro-western. it would be suicidal to cut off aid to military, unless it splits and joins in a suppression of the demonstrators, which all bets are off. if it doesn't it's the key. in several months mubarak will be gone. army will remain. from turkey, the army was guarantor of the state. guarantor of the secularism. he has to be in egypt. if it adopts that role, we're going to have a good outcome that's why our relations with
6:46 pm
the army have to remain strong and uninterrupted. >> bret: vice president of egypt told abc moments ago we will not use violence against the protesters. pressed he said we will ask them to go home, not push them to go home. we will see. friday we have special on this issue. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. fox news reporting "egypt on the brink." we will talk about this with experts and report from around the region. how much influence should the military have in the leadership choice? next up, president obama and his faith. you know her. ♪ hey, what you do to me [ male announcer ] we know diamonds.
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and with an extra 10% off storewide now through sunday, together we'll find the perfect gift. that's why only zales the diamond store.
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my christian faith has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years. all the more so when michelle and i hear our faith questioned from time to time. we are reminded ultimately what matters is not what other people say about us, but whether we're being true to our conscience. true to our god. >> bret: president obama at the prayer breakfast this morning. he has been speaking out more lately about his faith. his family is attending church more frequently. this past summer, the pew research summer asked this simple question in a poll. what is president obama's religion? 34% of the participants said
6:51 pm
christian. 18% said muslim. 43% said don't know. charles, your president on the president's speech today. his recent actions as well. >> when he says what matters not is what other people say about us, color me skeptical. skeptical about the recent us a sten theyous show of religiosity. and on the other hand a poll showing only a third of americans believe he is a christian. he is asking as a politician. i don't begrudge him that. he wants to counter a unless impression. but it's swa distasteful he does this when he does something for obvious political reasons and pretends it's not he argues that the opposition is reacting to elections.
6:52 pm
partisan politics. the other part i find distasteful is not particularly him, but the president started with jimmy cart eand his predecessor bush who wear religion on the sleeve. it should be private issue and there is something about publicly proclaiming the private religiosity. >> bret: for those who believe it's good and okay to talk openly for leader about the religion, many of those people saying where was president obama before the election loss. >> there is talk that he didn't go to church much. and folks in the white house said this is a speech he thought about. he wanted to take on some of the criticism and he worked late in to the night on the
6:53 pm
speech and he wanted to give a window in his faith in the white house. and evolution of the faith over the last years. democratic strategists want to see him do it more and dove tail with what charles is saying about this. that this is a political move in some ways. folk in the white house i talk to said he will likely talk more about his faith. i remember in the campaign he very much was in church regularly on sunday when he was traveling around the country. again, ramping up to campaign season and this might be something we'll see more. they are concerned about the polls. elections are often referendum on people and culture. there is a sense how long some americans this is a distant and different president. when they see a president what is so openly talking about his faith. his church-going habit and prayer it could do a lot to close the gap. >> bret: this has been a big evolution steve.
6:54 pm
>> i didn't agree with charles point. i'm not sure it's as big an evolution as we are suggesting he is. after the pew poll came out i expect him to go to church every day and carrying the bible to and from marine one. we would see a show in a greater way than we have been seeing it. he has gone to some events, they highlight the event he has gone to church a few times but he was at a prayer breakfast today it expect him to talk about his faith. i believe religion can be a private matter, but if public official wants to talk about religion and it drives his thinking, philosophy or service or theory of public service, there is nothing wrong with the public official who wants to talk about it publicly. >> i remember the prophet saying god is not terribly pleased by the public show of religiosity in that case, public sacrific
6:55 pm
sacrifices. it's about what is in the heart this is a personal thing. i'mnot saying there is something principled in this. but it's the use as political instrument. he has been subtle about his show of religiosity. he hasn't been crude about it. obviously, it's political. when he cames he doesn't care what other people are thinking and, obviously not see it's grating. >> bret: for liberal liberals wo had a problem with how bush talked about hit religion, how do you think it sits with that group? >> i'm sure they don't like it the more he talks about it the less they'll like it. >> bret: last word, will we see more of this? >> possibly so. see him talk about the faith more. maybe not going to church but using it as a way to connect with ordinary americans. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for what may be an opportunity for world leaders under fire.
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>> brett: we've been talking about the contagion of protests that could change power in a number of countries. those leaders will need something to do. one show has a suggestion. >> but if you are still not ready to retiring at 82 and stay active there is an exciting casting opportunity i would like to tell you about. it's a chance to live in exile and compete with big prizes on big brother edition. when five deposed dictators, finds out what it's like on the receiving end. you can share a room m ka kasmt he hasn't been overthrown.

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